In English: Taito Shop Oulu

Taito Shop Oulu is a gift shop and handicraft studio offering authentic Finnish designs and local artisan crafts. Our vast range of products include traditional handknit goods, jewelry, sauna accessories, Oulu themed items, and materials for the crafting enthusiast. Responsibly sourced and natural materials are important to us. We are specialists in textile crafts including traditional weaving techniques and provide a variety of expertly led workshops and courses.

Lovi Factory Shop is a partner-business at Taito. Lovi is famous for their birch veneer trees which artfully adorn interior spaces throughout Oulu and Finland. Lovi designs are the creation of Oulu artist Anne Paso. Explore our selection of Lovi products for your own home! Lovi workshops are also available on-site.

While visiting our historic 1920s landmark building, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a baked ‘pulla’ sweet bun. Daily made sandwiches are available as a convenient lunch for your train travels.

When shopping with us, you are supporting local entrepreneurship and the Oulu handicraft arts culture. Our business also includes a non-profit community program to assist local needs. Taito is a certified member of the Finnish Labor Association (Suomalaisen Työn Liitto).

Please call or email for more information and services in English. We warmly welcome you to our shop, craft studio and café!

Taito Shop Oulu / Café Hanna
Rautatienkatu 11 B
90100 Oulu, Finland
Phone: +358 40 3522 082


Join us in our summer experiences

Dye yarn in a jar

Dye a colorful and surprising skein of yarn with plants or organic waste!
Jar dyeing is a fun and easy technique, and we welcome you to join us in a journey of experiments. In this workshop you will learn how to dye yarn in a glass jar using natural dyes. You don`t need any material of your own, we provide all supplies.
The workshop is non-stop daily from 12 pm to 5 pm, so you can attend at a time that is suitable for you, 4 pm at the latest. Our maximum group size is 12 attendants at the same time.
Non-stop workshop Fri June  8th  between 12 PM and 5 PM or Fri June 22nd between 12 PM and 5 PM.
Price 25€/attendant (the price contains 100 grams of wool yarn, a glass jar, mordants and the guidance in the workshop).
No pre-registration – please arrive no later than 4 PM.


A summer adventurer’s backpack workshop for children

Come and create your own memory on a backpack, in our summer adventurer’s workshop.
In the finished backpack you will carry all the goods needed for a summer adventure and the treasures and memories that you grabbed from a summer trip.
Would you draw the ocean and the Nallikari beach, the beautiful flowers in the garden of Kiikkusaari or a happy moment eating icecream?
In the workshop, a summer picture is drawn on a cotton string backpack with fabric chalks, and the picture is attached to the fabric by ironing. Workshop duration 1 hour.

Non-stop workshop Fri June  8th  between 12 PM and 5 PM or Fri June 22nd between 12 PM and 5 PM.
Price 20 €/attendant (the price contains all material for one backpack and the guidance in the workshop).
No pre-registration. Please arrive no later than 4 PM.


Crumb Brushes and Pot Scrubbers Workshop

In this workshop we will teach you how to make useful brushes and scrubbers for your home from natural materials. Fiber bundles are assembled into durable home tools using traditional brush tying techniques. During the workshop you´ll have time to make three tools and the price includes guidance for learning traditional brush making and a material fee to make 2 pot scrubbers and 1 crumb brush.
Non-stop workshop Thu June 7th or Tue June 19th between 12 PM and 5 PM.
Price 30 € / member price 30 €.
No pre-registration. Please arrive no later than 3:30 PM. 


A Real-Ghost-House-walking experience

In a real ghost house you will hear interesting and even scary stories told by a ghost guide.
Outside you get a sight of Kakaravaara ghosts, spirits and shadows.
Inside the house you take a look at the places and go down the old prison cells. (This could be a little bit creepy).
During all this you meet the creative person but you should be careful…
Kahvila Hanna’s colourful ragrugs, soft pillows and handmade coffee cups calm you down if the round has been too exciting.
At the end of the tour you’ll find out the secret of the house.
The price (14€/attendant) for the experience includes a tour and coffees and pullas or juices to kids.
The starting point for the walk is at Rautatienkatu 11, the stairs to the Railway station. Pre-registration needed.
The Ghost-House-Walks are arranged as follows:
Thu June 7th at 15:30 PM
Thu June 14th at 15:30 PM
Thu June 21st at 15:30 PM and
Thu June 28th at 15:30 PM
Register here

Luotolainen Tikkuri – exhibition

From July 1st to July 31st during Taito Shop Oulu open hours as follows:
Mon-Wed 10AM to 5PM, Thu-Fri 10AM to 6PM and Sat 10AM to 4PM
Luotolainen is an old traditional sweater knitted from Finnish sheep wool. The origin is as old as 200 years and the sweater has many special details that you can´t find in other traditional knit wear. The first Luotolainen was knit on Hailuoto Island near Oulu. Today this knitted sweater is more popular than ever! The exhibition features all versions of this awesome and unique sweater.
Do you know how to use a spinning wheel and make your own yarn? During the exhibition you will have a chance to try spinning on a traditional Kiikkalainen spinning wheel!
The legend of Luotolainen
On the island of Hailuoto, in the far north of the Baltic Sea, lived a boy and a girl. As they grew older, their paths led them apart; he went off to war, and she married another man. As a token of their deep affection, she knit the Luotolainen sweater for him. The sweater was his most prized treasure. He lived in solitude for the rest of his life, but his Luotolainen sweater he never gave up. It was worn and mended for over 45 years—worn until the day he died. The Luotolainen is the island’s story of love and longing. the man got several other sweaters over the years, but he never wore them. instead he took pieces from the new ones to mend the sweater from his unrequited love. the orginal sweater from this legend is located in the handicraft museum in Jyväskylä. (Käsityön museo). The sweater is about 100 years old. Significance of the ribbing: not unusual, goes through whole sweater, easy to adapt when making larger or smaller. The ribbing also makes the sweater warmer as it insulates better. It is intended to be kept and mended through multiple generations. If the sweater is gifted to a specific person, the knitter can add the personal initials of the wearer or some other personal emblem, so that if the fisher was lost at sea or passed away, he could be recognized by the sweater. If it happened in late fall or winter you couldn’t always identify the person, but you could always identify the sweater.
The Luotolainen exhibition is held in Taito Shop Oulu Pop-Up room all through July 2022. The exhibition is not guided.
From July 1st to July 31st during Taito Shop Oulu open hours as follows:
Mon-Wed 10AM to 5PM, Thu-Fri 10AM to 6PM and Sat 10AM to 4PM